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Travel Top-Up Tool

The Gap

Group benefit plan members had difficulty understanding their existing travel insurance plan and how to purchase additional coverage. As a result, some members travelled without the coverage they needed while others bought unnecessary duplicate travel insurance. Our partner needed a solution that allowed plan members to see their plan and, if need be, top it up with a single user-friendly tool.

How We Filled It

We developed an online solution that integrated with our partner’s plan member site, allowing us to clearly display the details and limits of a plan member’s existing coverage and automatically calculate rates for top-up coverage. Now, members understand what they need and don’t end up paying twice.


  • Number of travel insurance days covered appears prominently on the plan member site
  • Number of pre-insured days is pre-populated into applications for additional coverage
  • Clear instructions to guide users to the coverage they need
  • Instant online purchase and fulfillment—no waiting for approvals or confirmations in the mail

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“We needed to provide Plan participants of the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan with "top up" travel coverage. Peak Contact was able to create a website allowing our participants to meet their travel coverage needs online in a simple to understand and use manner. Best of all, they were able to integrate their travel solution with our own online utilities. We are very pleased with the travel solution they built for us.”

Peter Pelech, Chief Operating Officer, Johnston Group Inc.