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Preferred Provider Network Search Engine

The Gap

International students typically don’t have a good enough understanding of the Canadian health care system; they don’t know where to access the necessary medical treatment and not be billed for it. A simple search tool was needed to direct them to nearby, direct-pay clinics.

How We Filled It

We developed a search engine that allowed students and school boards to conveniently log in to their member site and search for the appropriate health care provider. This tool empowered students to find the necessary care on their own, steered them away from long wait times at ERs, saved them from paying medical fees up front, and as a direct result, improved their claim experience.


  • Easily locate nearby, pay-direct clinics
  • Educates students about the convenience of walk-in clinics, allowing them to get faster care and reducing the cost of care received
  • Tool can be expanded and used for other student groups through external clients or to assist non-student clients such as international visitors
  • Format applied to international health care provider listings for clients who travel globally

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“Having a preferred provider search engine at our disposal is invaluable for providing accurate and timely information to our international student groups. Whether they need help finding a clinic, lab, or hospital, we know we have the right tool to direct them to the care they need! The ease of use also gives students the freedom to seek out the necessary medical care on their own—empowering the student and saving time for everyone involved.”

Mike Vallee, Senior Manager - Assistance, Intrepid 24/7