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Once upon a time… and the rest is history!

The Gap

The Ingle Group of Companies required a 45-second corporate video as part of an application for ITIJ’s 2012 Global Insurer of the Year award. The challenge was incorporating into one short clip the background and identity of the three companies that make up the Ingle Group.

How We Filled It

The solution was keeping the video simple and creative by using a unique film technique. We told the story of their combined corporate history via a time lapse in an appealing and informative way.


  • Brand awareness
  • Increased web traffic and engagement
  • Decreased bounce rate of website
  • Increased interest in the brand
  • Heightened customer loyalty
  • Increased credibility

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"When I saw the first rough cut, I thought: 'This is a winning video!' And it was. It helped us win the 2012 Global ITIJ Insurer of the Year award. I really appreciate having the in-house capability to make something so creative and original on such short notice."

Robin Ingle, CEO, Ingle International