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Intrepid 24/7 Website & Branding

The Gap

Intrepid 24/7 was becoming aware of a major gap in the travel insurance market. Emergency assistance information was hard to come by and services were fragmented. There was no single place a traveller could go for all of their medical, security, and travel assistance needs.

How We Filled It

We developed a robust website that helped showcase Intrepid 24/7’s end-to-end assistance capabilities for worldwide travellers. This website is an information hub that hosts smart travel tools, cross-pollinates databases across the Ingle Group of Companies, and delivers real-time updates to inform travellers before, during, or after a trip.


  • Exclusive member login
  • Access to worldwide medical networks through a user-friendly search tool
  • Comprehensive information on travel destinations, medical conditions, and more
  • Access to topical and relevant world news through Travel Alerts widget
  • Travel Navigator tool (currently under development)

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“The Intrepid 24/7 website is an important, user-friendly tool for today's traveller. Peak Contact has created an excellent web portal that provides members with access to a full variety of resources catered to their needs, including protection training, timely security information, nearest medical and consular facilities, and travel destination details, as well as an assistance hotline for any trip emergency. In my opinion, it is the only one-stop hub out there that fulfills a traveller’s every need. It’s also excellent for corporations, agencies, and third-party administrators who want to offer top-quality travel protection and care to their employees and clients.”

Alan Bell, Director of Security and Intelligence, Intrepid 24/7