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CallTracker CRM

The Gap

Ingle International’s call centres lacked both a secure recording system and a time management tool for administrative purposes. There was no central place to store client or affiliate (groups, schools, and agents) information or key resources.

How We Filled It

We built a central all-purpose hub that stored client information and other important data in one secure location. This hub ensures affiliate information is effectively tracked and our affinity groups, agents, and schools can rest assured that their client details are up to date and secure.


  • Secure, easily accessible, user-friendly, and updated on a regular basis
  • Customer search function and quick summation of customer information and plans recommended or policies sold
  • Central access to all important insurer links
  • Data access for accounting/business analysis purposes
  • Commission information for agents, schools, and groups

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“With CallTracker, it’s so easy to look up a client and update their information after a call. What’s more, I can record important notes about the call/customer while on the phone. This is a great way to develop a professional relationship with individual clients—you never forget their details since everything is there when you need it. I couldn’t imagine working in a call centre without a tool like this.”

Rachel Kellogg, Contact Centre Manager, Ingle International