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The Gap

At Novus Health, all calls must be recorded for compliance and quality assurance; however the newly installed phone system didn’t include a recording functionality. Third-party options were too expensive and were not capable of seamlessly integrating with our customized phone and CRM database.

How We Filled It

A web interface with all required features was built onsite and a custom module was created for seamless integration with the customer’s phone system.


  • All calls recorded meet various compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Provides access to trainers and supervisors through an intuitive web interface
  • Calls can be monitored for quality control and used for training
  • Calls can be downloaded, audited, archived indefinitely, and moved around
  • Small file size allows for indefinite storage of recordings

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“The CallRecorder application allows me to easily locate and listen to any call at a moment’s notice. It’s a must-have for any call centre manager!”

Alison Seymour, Operations Manager, Novus Health