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International Student Program Management Software

ISP Educational Solutions™ and Peak Contact™ are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will strengthen our market presence and add to our suite of products and services for the international education industry.

Peak Contact now offers a comprehensive database management solution for school boards, private schools, language schools, colleges, and universities across Canada and worldwide. Over the past sixteen years, the International Student Program ("ISP") Database has helped many institutions effectively manage their International Education programs for both outbound Canadian students and international students in Canada.

What is ISP Database?

The ISP Database™ is a customizable application designed to assist those who manage and administer international student programs. A one-stop portal, it connects all providers, including health insurance and homestay providers, agents, and students, via traditional web and mobile. It also maximizes the effectiveness of an educational institution and raises their staff productivity to new heights through the use of database technology. It is designed in a modular fashion and is able to group related functions into sections like Student Management, Homestay Management, Agent Management, Letter and Document Generation, and Insurance Services, and it boasts many other useful administrative functions.

Paul Robinson developed the ISP Database in 1997 as a database management tool for educational institutions that offer international education programs. Paul continues to support the ISP Database product and will build new educational systems in his role as President, ISP Educational Solutions.

Already using the ISP Database?

  • Peak Contact will continue to work one on one with clients to understand their challenges and needs.
  • The ISP Database will continue to evolve to offer more options including cloud-based solutions for mobile, improved data security, and improved integration with a host of other systems such as Microsoft's SharePoint.
  • ISP Database will continue to expand its capabilities to connect with multiple agents as well as homestay and health insurance providers so that clients always have a choice when it comes to who they want to work with.
  • Future updates to products offered through the ISP Database will leverage the latest technologies, securely connecting users to all providers via mobile or traditional web.

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Meet the ISP Educational Solutions Executive Team

Paul Robinson
ISP Educational Solutions

Since 1997, Paul Robinson has specialized in developing highly customized database software, including the International Student Program Database™, for the Canadian international education community. He is known for his in-depth knowledge of the international education business, and for being a trusted and innovative working partner to his clients. As current President of ISP Educational Solutions, nothing is more important to him than client satisfaction. Previous positions include Senior Account Manager at DMR Consulting in Toronto and Vancouver, and Director of Marketing at AES Data Ltd. in Toronto. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

Jane Robinson
Client Services Manager
ISP Educational Solutions

As Client Services Manager, Jane is responsible for ensuring clients are satisfied with ISP Educational Solutions software, training, and ongoing support. She provides assistance in sales and marketing, and ensures database implementation deadlines are met. She also works with project team members to ensure that their project deliverables are on track. Previous to this, Jane was responsible for managing client support, administration, and staffing at Robinson & Robinson Inc. Her earlier career found Jane taking on positions such as Senior Account Manager, Sales Manager, and Vancouver Branch Manager for Canada’s largest privately owned computer software training company.

Scott Ivory
President & CTO
Peak Contact

With a solid background in Computer Sciences, Scott began his technical career at a marketing startup in 2001, where he began experimenting with new and emerging technologies. In 2007, Scott co-founded Peak Contact, a specialized group of developers, engineers, and security professionals focused on providing telecommunications, web, and mobile solutions to the education, health care, travel, and insurance industries. As President & CTO of Peak Contact, Scott has an in-depth understanding of the technology needs of businesses of any size, across multiple industries. He focuses on managing and deploying information systems to both large and small enterprises.

Suthaharan Tharma
SVP Software Development & Services
Peak Contact

Suthaharan completed a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences, and has been working in software development, digital marketing, and platform strategy for over a decade. Past positions include IT Consultant at BBK, United Kingdom and Team Lead at Mawaride Recruitment Consultancy, a Dubai-based BPO with multiple lines of business throughout the UAE, Morocco, and Sri Lanka. His background in software engineering and design gives him a unique understanding of the challenges related to designing and integrating software products in today’s complicated cross-platform networks. Suthaharan has led the development team at Peak Contact since its inception.

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